Technical Features PVC-U 


Drainage Application

FASOPLAST SA produces pipes and fittings made from PVC-U are conveyance for sewerage and drainage network, meet the requirements of the European standards EN 1401-1, DIN 8061- 8062

Availability Of Pipes

Pipes available:

  • Ø 32 – Ø 200mm at 3m pipe length
  • Color: Gray or white


  • Water and other fluids transportation in building drainage systems
  • Ventilation systems
  • Open waterspout systems

Advantages Characteristics


Advantages – Characteristics

  • Environmental friendly – use of organic stabilizers
  • High strength to hydrostatic pressure
  • Impact resistance
  • Low coefficient of linear thermal expansion (0,08
    mm/m °C)
  • Not conductive to electricity
  • No electrolytic corrosion
  • Resistance to various chemical substances
  • Low friction coefficient
  • Long service life