Technical Features PE-Xb & PE-RT



  • Conveyance of potable water
  • Hot and cold-water transportation
  • In-floor heating systems
  • Central heating networks
  • Transportation of hot water in solar heaters
    (black pipes only)
  • Standard’s Numbers: DIN 16893/00, DIN16892/00

Availability Of Pipes

Pipes available:

Ø15 – Ø32 in rolls
Ø16 – Ø18 in rolls (corrugated or not)
Color: black or white

Crosslinked Polyethylene Pipes


According To DIN 16893

The production and the quality standards of FASO PEX fulfill the demands of the relative German Standards DIN 16893 and DIN 16892. Besides, the quality of the pipes is assured by the German Institute SKZ TeConA GmbH under the certificate
A 375, as well as by the International Standard ISO 9001/2000.

Specia Characteristics of PE-Xb

FASO PEX pipes develops a remarkably high strength against hydrostatic internal
pressure for a long time period, which can reach 50 years, under temperatures up
to 95oC and working pressures above 20 bars, as detailed shown in DIN 16893.
Polymer Protection System: During production process of FASO PEX, a special MD (Metal Deactivator) additive is added, which protects the polymer from the presence of metallic kations in case that FASO PEX pipes are connected together with metallic pipes and fittings.