Polypropylene Triplex, 3L ultra strong pipe systems.

Drainage Systems PVC-U

Grey and White general purpose drainage systems pipes and fittings.

Heating and potable water supply PP-R

Polypropylene random pipe systems and brass insert fittings.

Heating and Potable Water Supply PE-Xb PE-RT

Polyethelane PE-Xb, PE-RT with insulation foam, suitable for heating systems.

Water Supply Systems General Purpose PE

Polyethelane pipes with excellent mechanical properties for gas, water transportation and general purpose applications.

Garden Hoses

Extra durable flexible PVC pipes and hoses with long life for garden applications.

Pressure Systems PVC-U

High pressure pipes and fittings for water supply.

Sewage Systems PVC-U

High strength pipes and fittings suitable for sewage systems.

spacers pvc for construction


Spacers for construction applications